Welcome To Haudouken Studio

Haudouken Studio is an urban barber shop run by a passionate team of hair stylists who
specialise in men’s haircuts. We operate under the philosophy of
providing our clients with haircuts and service that is nothing short of exceptional, and it’s
this dedication that has helped us build a reputation for providing the very best hair styling in Southport.
Our group of stylists bring considerable experience to the table, some of which has been
gained overseas with award winning studios. We’ve spent years building the skills and knowledge to work with all hair
types and have the ability to create virtually any traditional or contemporary hairstyle.
We understand that your hair needs a different type of care to the man next to you, and we’re
always striving to offer advice and guidance to keep you looking sharp.


our ethos

Here at Haudouken Hair and Image Specialists, we wish to bring a contemporary salon experience to our craft, technical skill and commitment to our clientele.

We are strictly appointment based. This decision was taken to ensure that our clients receive precision styling.

we are open 7 days a week. Please take a look at booksy to see our updated hours as they may change slightly from week to week.