charlie or chaz

Chaz is one of the new recruits at Haudouken Studio. People might not know but he is the bastard child of Wally from the popular childs book series Where’s Wally. Charlie plans to have his own popular spin off version in future of Where’s My Father with the illustrative input of boss man @haudouken_alex. Welcome to the team sir.

All that said Charlie is an excellent stylist with fantastic experience who can assist you to achieve the haircut you want, while also taking pride in being able to educate his clients on how to maintain and style their hair at home.

Charlie has trained with multiple world renowned barbers and stylists and has a wealth of experience across different sectors within the hair industry but his real love is barbering and mens styling.

He possesses a real passion for constantly furthering and improving his trade by looking forward to future styles and bringing them into the present for his happy clients.