rory m.j bellamy

@r.mjbellamy the residential badman at Haudouken Studio. He is an enigma. He may Be 22 or 48 we just don’t know. One thing we do know is that he has been with us since day one. Rory is a popular character with all of our clientele…even if he does support Everton!

Rory now has more than 5 years experience in traditional barbering and men’s hairdressing, before which he completed his learning at the multi award winning barbershop ‘The Company of Master Barbers’.

He was also lucky enough to be trained by innovators of the industry Josh Lamonaca and Alan Beak; Menspire Academy and Ruger Barber.

With a fine eye for street fashion and design, Rory enjoys incorporating this into his hair-cutting, combining classic shape with contemporary elements. It’s this fine eye for detail that led to Rory’s talents being published in the nation’s leading Barber magazine ‘Modern Barber‘.